5-year Park Plan

The Whiteford Township Board and Park Manager Doug Donnelly are in the process of updating the township’s five-year parks and recreation greenways plan.

The plan is a requirement, by the state of Michigan, to make the park eligible for specific grants.

Part of the plan requires township officials to seek public input on the plan and the park.

So, here’s your chance to comment on the park. Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to dougdonnelly@hotmail.com to provide your opinions. The comments will be included in the public comment and public discussion portion of the Five-Year plan that couldĀ be adopted by the township board at its March, 2015, meeting.


Board approves landscaping work

The Whiteford Township Board has approved several thousand dollars worth of excavation work at the Whiteford Stoneco Community Park.

The board approved a contract at its June meeting to hire a company to come in and do some work on leveling the dirt along the driveway entrance as well as grading the new dirt that was delivered to the park this spring.