5-year Park Plan

The Whiteford Township Board and Park Manager Doug Donnelly are in the process of updating the township’s five-year parks and recreation greenways plan.

The plan is a requirement, by the state of Michigan, to make the park eligible for specific grants.

Part of the plan requires township officials to seek public input on the plan and the park.

So, here’s your chance to comment on the park. Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to dougdonnelly@hotmail.com to provide your opinions. The comments will be included in the public comment and public discussion portion of the Five-Year plan that could be adopted by the township board at its March, 2015, meeting.

Your Park, by Supervisor Walter Ruhl

Your Park is getting better! Please notice the new 8 acres of nice level dirt that can make soccer fields when the grass starts to grow.

Also notice the nice walking trails around and through the woods.

We have managed to get the main driveway cold paved by letting the Monroe County Road Commission mix the material for the roads here.

The walking paths to the concession stands will be paved this fall with the cold mix still piled in the parking area.

The latest improvements are the Gates along Sterns Rd., made by Bill Hill. The post holes were drilled by Toledo Caisson. Also filling of holes in the field along Sterns Rd. is new.

There is also a new flag pole donated by Bob and Pat Schnipke.

Most of the improvements you see are a combination of donations and paying for material. The dirt that has been hauled in is at no cost to the township, we just pay to have it leveled.

As most of you know the 14 acres of woods is being managed by Natures Conservancy. They have made great improvements in that area and we put walking trails through the woods for people to enjoy.

We have had some young people from Ohio doing damage to the park. That is why we have had the gates closed for the past few weeks. We are trying to make it more difficult to damage the park. We are applying for a grant to install cameras to catch the vandals.

You may be asking “What can I do to help?” We have many needs however they are mostly for money for specific projects. If you can Help, any amount can be applied to a project, the Park Needs:

1. A Well for Irrigation and Flushing toilets. The cost is about $4000.00
2. Irrigation Equipment $3500.00
3. Flush toilets installed $4000.00
4. Pump and haul Septic system. $3000.00
5. A Pavilion $25,000.00
6. Playground Equipment $60,000.00
7. Soccer field equipment $7500.00
8. Disk Golf Course $12,000.00
9. Parameter Fencing $11,000.00
10. Walking Trails throughout the park. $10,000
11. Fenced Dog area for off leash dog walks $3000.00
12. Lots more Dirt and Grading.
13. Signs to describe what you are seeing of interest in the woods. $2000.00
14. Security Cameras to stop Vandalism.
15. Shade Trees and Gardens
16. Sun Shades for the dugout area for the ball fields.
We know this cannot happen overnight but with a little help from the community and some grants, everyone will be surprised at the progress that can be make. You may want to think about an Endowment to the park or an outright gift to help accomplish the project of your choice.

Walter Ruhl
Whiteford Township Supervisor

Whiteford moving Community Days to park

By Doug Donnelly
OTTAWA LAKE – Whiteford Township’s third Community and Antique Power Days will move to a new location in 2014.
The Whiteford-Stoneco Community Park will be home to the show this year and it gives the township a chance to showcase its 96-acre park, Supervisor Walter Ruhl said.
“The park is a great place for the community and moving our community event to the park will only help our residents – and residents from other communities – get to see it first-hand,” Ruhl said. “We are making improvements out there and plan more improvements.”
The Community and Antique Power Days will be Sept. 13-14, 2014, mainly on the northwest corner of the park, located at Sterns and Whiteford Rds. A committee has been meeting for months to organize events and the township board recently gave its approval for the park to be the host. It was formerly held on the grounds of Michigan Technical Resource Park at Yankee and Clark Rds., the former Dana world headquarters.
The show will run from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 13 and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 14.
The township is lining up food vendors, a craft show and a consignment auction, plus a stable of entertainment, including bands, a tractor parade, pony rides and monster truck rides. A first adult softball tournament is in the works, plus the usual lineup of antique tractors and antique steam engines will be on display. For the first time, antique cars will be part of the lineup as well.
“There is a lot of room for all of the activities that we want to do,” Ruhl said. “The antique car show will be a big hit. It’s new, plus there is a lot of interest in antique cars in this area. We expect a good showing.”
The township board is considering making additional improvements to the park before the September event. Ruhl said those will be announced later.
For more information, contact Whiteford Township Supervisor Walter Ruhl at (734) 854-2416.